September 2022

Printed matter, created in 2021 for Laura Beulens’ annual calender initiative

In late 2021, I was asked to contribute to the annual calendar project by Laura Beulens, this year to support the Animal Rights movement. 

For the design of September 2022, I got inspired by the month’s astrological characteristics. Libra season symbolizes the pursuit of balance and harmony, which became my focus point in my visualization. The composition takes form in multiple piles of days in different shapes, all intuitively stacked, but still managing to maintain their balance. The Libra energy is present, enabling the wobbly and unrealistic set-up to stay in place. Related to the September birthstone, known to be blue, a softer shade of the color was used to increase the feeling of tranquility — or at least, the desire for it. 

The calendar was made in collaboration with 12 other designers. More info:

Printed Matter, created in 2021
Calender cover design + curation by Laura Beulens

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