MOS: Museum of Scent/Sense

Visual identity, created at LUCA School of Arts in 2021

Visual identity for a fictional museum with the olfactory system as its center point: the Museum of Scent/Sense, shortened as MoS. 

The identity is built upon a new conceptual rebranding of an empty site that was once the largest slaughterhouse in Brussels. As a solution for the odd lingering smell within the building, the concept of a new bustling scent museum was born. 
This way, the unpleasant odor of old meat would be replaced with a new collection of handpicked scents in theme, changing each exhibition. Like the museum itself, the identity centers around the olfactory system, its scientific character, and the feelings that may occur while using this particular sense. The responsive logo is an abstract representation of different nose shapes, as the blurred images symbolize the haziness while attempting to visualize certain scents. 

Visual identity created at LUCA School of Arts in 2021, together with Janice Feryn and Linde de Cooman

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