Kaiju Smuggler

Brand expansion + art direction, created at Studio Marketing Materials in 2023 

KAIJU SMUGGLER, a renowned Thai art boutique specializing in home decor and designer toys, recognized the necessity for a comprehensive brand structure and embarked on a journey of expansion.

This involved introducing sub-divisions within their extensive product range to cater to diverse consumer segments. Our team oversaw the art direction and graphic treatment for three distinct sub-brands: MULTIMURTI, YAKSHA, and X SERIES. Each sub-brand was meticulously crafted to differentiate itself in terms of product offerings, aesthetics, and target demographics.

For the KAIJU SMUGGLER main brand, we refreshed the color palette and typographic treatment to pay homage to the iconic Japanese Kaiju film genre. Drawing inspiration from movie posters, our designs capture the colossal presence of Kaiju through bold contrasts and dominant blue tones. MULTI MURTI emphasizes simplicity with tone-on-tone color treatments for calm, playful spiritual home decor. YAKSHA SERIES targets consumers drawn to designer toys, featuring dynamic compositions inspired by old-school Japanese toy catalogs. X SERIES caters to a niche audience with special collaborations and collectible products, embracing minimalism and creativity while drawing from the Kaiju film scene for authenticity.

Visual identity ceated in 2023, developed at and under
creative direction of Studio Marketing Materials

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