Saphan Khwai

Saphan Khwai Variety is a graphic / art exhibition by SMM for Bangkok Design Week 2023, aimed at bridging the gap between the established local community of Saphan Khwai and its influx of new residents. The exhibition showcases a diverse array of artworks inspired by the rich tapestry of life and history in Saphan Khwai. 

Nestled within the vibrant enclave where SMM studio resides, we've closely observed the area's dynamic community. Here, longstanding locals, deeply rooted in the neighborhood for decades, coexist with a wave of newcomers representing the modern generation, breathing new life into Saphan Khwai with trendy coffee bars and galleries. While Bangkok undergoes rapid modernization, Saphan Khwai retains a slower pace, affording ample

Visual identity and exhibition ceated in 2023, developed at and under creative direction of Studio Marketing Materials — Logo lock-up design, art direction, banner design, poster design, digital & print collaterals 

+ Image credits: Bangkok Design Week Organisation

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